Private Frozen Portrait Of Domesticity
The freeze that had seized the City, especially Integris, had proven to be quite detrimental to business. Sure, the hardest junkies were still out to buy, and contracts were being maintained, but there was no sending dealers out on the streets. There were no major shipments that could be risked on the icy streets. Asher had to make decisions, and he had to make them fast.

Ever since the freeze started, the Vice Lord was almost eternally on his cellphone. While the service was shitty at best, it was a necessity to keep business running as smoothly as it could from home. It was damn near impossible to access Tasiae HQ, and a small army of guards had been sent out with provisions to keep the building secure and functioning.

It was easy enough to keep the manor warm, but Asher could feel the chill in his bones. Whether from age or agitation, he was feeling the ice as if it had crept into his veins. That led to a rather short and wound up temperament in his business dealings. He didn’t want excuses, he wanted solutions, and he was just as fed up with himself as he was with everyone else.

Save for Jason, of course. Then again, Asher had hardly spoken to his husband since the freeze began. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to. It was just that when everything went to shit, he was stuck trying to figure out and fix everything, from the time he woke up until he went to bed. Asher didn’t even eat dinner at the table anymore, having to be brought his meals in his office at a later time. Still, he would often let food go cold in favor of taking care of business.

It seemed the frozen world was spinning on while Asher was stuck trying to catch up.
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It was almost impossible to go out, really.

Integris was already a jungle, but now it was even more treacherous. A trip or two out in it was enough to convince Jason to remain comfortably at home. The various engagements he'd scheduled had been mercifully canceled.

It was warm in the estate at least. When he'd moved in, he'd taken one look at the cold and austere decor and made it his mission to change it. Where once the rooms were inspired by Minimalist and Contemporary design--all whites and unfinished clean-lines--Jason had put his own touch on things.

It was warmer now, with more artwork and antiques. White and steel and hard-tile no longer dominated the spaces. Instead, things were inspired by a Bohemian design.

The lounge room he was in right now, for example, was neutrally colored, though the hard-wood floors with an antique rug added a bit of old-world warmth to the place. The furniture didn't seem to have much of an organization to it, and it barely even matched. A brand-new brown-leather sofa was caddy-corner to an antique ivory Florencia chaise lounge. There were no truly 'matching' pieces. The room's furniture seemed designed more with a 'love' of each particular piece rather than any true need to match.

Jason, like his parents, was an eclectic artist at heart, and this particular room was a testament to that.

The only thing taking away from the 'warmth' of the room was Jason being alone, and the fact that the view through the windows told of how utterly miserable it was outside.

It didn't help matters, that Tasaie's business wasn't doing well through it. At least, that was all he could deduce from the few times he saw Asher over the past weeks. His husband was constantly on his phone, hadn't sat with him for dinner in over a week, and Jason was long asleep when his husband finally came to bed. Add to that his dwindling means of distraction, and Jason had barely said a word to anyone in days.

Of course, he wouldn't complain. Eventually the world would warm back up, and so would his marriage. Still, it was hard right now. The hardest it had been since they'd gotten married.

When he caught himself staring at the roaring fire for five full minutes instead of the book he had in his lap (for the fifth or sixth time that evening), Jason shut the thing and put it aside, instead turning his eyes to the windows....

...And the blustery blizzard that was coming down once again.

He sighed, pulling himself to his feet. There were no bodyguards to really follow him about here. Just guards at various doorways as a means of ensuring their safety at home. He thought nothing of any of them as he padded down the hallway in slippers, taking the plate of Asher's lunch from the young woman who cooked for them from her.

"I'll take it to him, Zoe. Thank you," He answered her questioning look. He'd seen the woman take his husband's cold breakfast from out of the office this morning, and his cold dinner from the room last night. Both of them had been untouched, which meant Asher wasn't eating. No one else would dare say a word to him.

Jason didn't have the same qualms as the rest of them.

He pushed the door to his husband's office cautiously open.

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Asher was seated behind the mahogany desk in his large office. While Jason had his free reign of the rest of the house, Asher’s office had remained his own to decorate as he saw fit...of course, he couldn’t help but take inspiration from Jason’s taste. The office was lined with bookshelves filled to the edges with reading and research material. There was a leather couch by the windows, a taxidermy lion (a gift) in one corner, a tame modern art statue in another corner, and three oak chairs in which to sit across from Asher’s desk. Finally, there was a rather elaborate computer setup on Asher’s desk with two screens, a laptop, and a tablet, all of which served their own purposes.

“Take it through Viribus then,” the Vice Lord said to whoever he was talking to on the phone. Asher rubbed his temple with his free hand, eyes fixed on a pile of papers on his desk. He heard his husband’s voice and looked up with tired eyes before gesturing for Jason to enter. “Then make sure they aren’t an issue. This is on your level, you make sure it gets done. Don’t call again until it is.” With that, Asher hung up and sighed. He then looked up at Jason and offered a very weak smile.

“Yes, darling? Do you need something?” he asked with a tone that hinted at how tightly wound Asher was. While he was of course not frustrated with his spouse, it was quite apparent that the circumstances of everything had him just about at his wit’s end. While Asher had of course been showering as much as he usually did, there was a blossoming beard where once there was a goatee, and his hair was missing its usual proper amount of product. His clothing, while appropriate for conducting business around the home, was slightly disheveled – no tie and buttons fastened one position off. Asher was far from looking like a wild man, but at the same time he was certainly not looking like himself.
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