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It hadn't been hard, in the end, to find the one who'd beaten a teenaged rent-boy to a pulp.

Not hard at all, and even easier to lure him into a situation where Casey's men could get their hands on him. Noah was more than willing to use his 'pretty-face' to get to the man.

And fuck, it had been almost too easy. A few too many drinks and a few dances in a club, and Noah almost couldn't keep the man off him. They were out the back door of the place and Noah was slammed against the wall and set upon for probably thirty second (and it seemed like hours) before the man was unceremoniously pulled off of him by Solus Handlers.

Noah had been handed an envelope and a 'Solus thanks you' before the man had been dragged away from the Mersa club.

The envelope had a decent bit of money and an IOU, which Noah had looked at in his hole-in-the-wall mock-apartment for too long. Honestly, he'd have done what he'd done for free. His paychecks from Legion funneled into his bank account and hadn't been touched since he had taken this assignment, and what he made from Cirque was enough for him to get by.

He didn't need the money. Noah was all but set for life, after his retirement from being a minor celebrity on the Strip, and then his pension he'd get from Legion. Add to that his inheritance from the Ranch--which he admittedly had to split with his Uncle and his step-brother--and he really, really didn't need it.

But if he gave it back, it'd be suspicious.

Which is how it ended up in his wallet, along with the I.O.U. Which was basically all he had right now.

It started with his bank accounts. Not just his 'Silverwater' account, but his 'Grimes' account too. He couldn't access them. He'd swiped his card for coffee the morning before and it had been declined. Which...wasn't right. He had plenty of money, but it was the middle of the morning rush so he paid cash and resolved to handle the situation. Identity theft was a thing, after all.

And then his phone didn't work.
And the locks on his apartment had been changed.

The emergency number Legion had given him for his handler didn't work at the payphone he'd managed to find. No one answered. There wasn't even a voice mail. It just...rang and rang.

By now he was panicking a little, which was why he picked up a burner phone from a convenience store in Mersa an used it to call his Dad. Who told him to come home, but there was no way he was getting out of Infernal City without a good deal of money and his passport, which was in his old apartment in Integris.

Which was likely locked up tight and impossible for him to get to.

This...was not a situation Noah ever thought he'd find himself in. He knew what this was. Being 'Burned' was a huge deal, and it effectively meant he was no longer Legion. More, Legion was likely looking for him, which meant he needed to lay low.

Problem: He'd never been good at 'laying low'. It just wasn't in his make-up, to be unseen and unheard. He'd gotten his ass handed to him in high school more than once because of his inability to to keep his mouth shut. It wasn't how he was built.

At least he had the Twins.

Both of whom seemed to agree that he'd done the right thing, even if the consequences were fucking him over. It was one of them who'd gone into a store and bought him a hooded jacket and a newspaper, and how Noah learned who the man was who he'd given over to Solus.

Captain Tyler Davidson.

Why, oh-why, was every single one of the people who laid him low named 'Tyler'?

Apparently 'Detective Noah Waya Silverwater' was a person of interest in his disappearance, and that was enough to have him ducking down an alley, pulling the hood up, and trying to figure out what the fuck he was going to do, because by now Raptus knew who he was. Which meant he couldn't go to Cirque for help. He couldn't get home to Wyoming (and any communication with his Dad was probably going to be monitored), and he was stuck here. With nothing but...

...A few thousand dollars and an I.O.U.

From Solus.


Keep moving. Monster-Slayer whispered in his mind, angry but purposeful. We will be here.

Always. Born-of-Water added.

"I could turn myself in."

No. Absolutely not. Monster-Slayer stated, his voice firm. We do not give up and neither do you. We fight.

"There's no place to go," Noah answered aloud, and suddenly the two were there standing in front of him.

They looked at each other, and then nodded. We will get through this. It is what we always do. This is just another challenge to overcome. And we will overcome it, and we will make it our strength.

Noah swallowed, nodding. They were right. Noah was many things, but he wasn't the type to give up and give in. Actions had consequences, and while his actions had come with a great deal of them, so had 'Captain Tyler's' actions. Legion was supposed to serve the people of Infernal City, and they failed to do that in a very real way.

Because 'serving and protecting' wasn't beating up sex-workers the audacity of their existence. It wasn't ignoring the death of a human girl because her husband happened to be a demon and 'She got what she deserved'. It wasn't any of the mess they'd made of things.

"Now I just have to figure otu what to do."

Which wasn't going to be easy, but it had to be done.

It was what had him standing in the shadows of an alley outside of the Red Lantern, his hood up and watching the door. Waiting.

For what, he had no clue.
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Niko had been told what had happened. To the man who beat him. Of the man who had tracked him down. It wasn't like some big informal thing, not for a street walker like him, instead his handler had pulled himself aside one day and told him that justice had been served to the Legionnaire care of one Circus performer.

Since that day, Niko had been talking about the aerialist and asking about him. He didn't know the man's name, but he knew his face. He had found out that it was the same person who had seen him lying half-dead when they had dragged him into the Red Lantern after the beating. And Niko had seen him, floating outside of his body. He had seen that too-pretty face.

Niko had started driving his fellow walkers and his handler a bit nuts with all this talk about 'his hero'. His handler had practically threatened him with another beat-down if he didn't shut up about it. But then one night, he was behind the Red Lantern, hangin' in the alley with a few of the boys. They did so every now and again: sometimes the patrons wanted to get a little more dirty than the Lantern provided inside, so there was always a few boys and gals in the alley. Anyways, Niko was in the alley hoping to turn a trick when his handler ducked out from the Solus headquarters.

'Hey Niko' he said, 'Your boyfriend is out front'

At first Niko didn't know what his handler was talking about. He didn't have a boyfriend. Maybe he meant Oct or one of his other friends. But then it just clicked. He knew who the guy was talking about. His hero. And he was someone in front of the Red Lantern.

"Um oh.. thanks!" he exclaimed while sort of taking off. His handler snickered and shook his head, calling before the whore got out of shouting distance: 'Don't be giving away no freebies you hear!'

But Niko didn't hear. His heart was pounding, his ears rushing with the roar of blood. He ran out of the alley, and skidded to a halt. His white converse squeaked on the asphalt, rubber soles probably leaving little black tracks the colour of his skinny jeans. They were ripped - the jeans not the shoes - on the knees, and across one butt cheek. It paid to tease a but in his line of work. Up top he wore a tight red t-shirt with a white KFC logo (because Niko was finger licking good?) and as it was a little cold, he wore a zip-up hoodie over top, though it was left unzipped.

There was his Knight, lurking in the alley opposite the one from which Niko emerged. Or at least he thought it was him. It had to be right? It was hard to tell with the shadows obscuring his face some. Niko walked across the street proper, swallowing the butterflies brewing in his stomach, and as he neared, more an more certain that this was in fact his hero, he spoke:

"Um, hey. I um, just wanted to um.. thank you. For you know. That thing you did.. for me I mean."
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In retrospect, Noah shouldn't have expected anything different.

He'd never been good at hiding or keeping a low profile. His high-school boyfriend once said that it was because he was 'too pretty, and that it was a problem'. Of course, it was said affectionately because so far as Noah knew, it wasn't his 'pretty' that offended the hell out of people in their tiny ranching town.

It was more that he wasn't straight, white, or 'sporty' enough. He was more into dance, gymnastics, and making sure his best friend had a decent wardrobe. There was also the fact that he ran off at the mouth on the regular.

Suffice to say, Noah had never been built to lay low and keep his mouth shut. Probably why he was such an epic failure at being a cop, now that he thought about it.

Hindsight was a bitch.

So when he was suddenly approached by one of the boys from the alley of the brothel, he had to blink a few times. He'd even almost stepped back and took off, but that gentle urging in the back off his head by Monster-Slayer was enough to have him standing his ground.

Silverwaters don't run.

And then the kid was...thanking him? For what for....Oh. OH.

Oh, damn.

He wouldn't say 'It was nothing'. It had been proven to him that what he'd done wasn't 'nothing'. He'd lost his career and possibly his freedom over what he'd done. If Legion caught up with him before he could get properly insulated somehow, he'd find himself in Panopticon with who knew how many people he'd arrested. That was not a thing he wanted to deal with.

And Noah tried his hardest not to lie when he didn't have to.

"It was the right thing to do." He answered, looking around before he dared to push the hoodie off his head. He'd pulled his hair back to keep it out of his face earlier in the day, and was debating on getting it cut. It would probably be better to disguise himself a bit, but he wasn't sure it would work. "You're...Niko, right? I'm glad you're alright.

"I'm Noah."
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