Private The Working Hour [cont'd]

Logan had been expecting more pauses to allow Sam to keep up or catch his breath, but the janitor kept up with the courier the entire journey from Servator. When they stopped at their destination, he noticed that it seemed like a leisurely stroll for the other rabbit. Logan's even pace and endurance had kept him from breaking a sweat, but he could still feel that his heart rate was elevated from the cardio.

The capability was a turn on, somehow. The courier found himself attracted to the mystery it presented, and even though he'd already sucked Sam's cock, he wanted to find out more.

"Aye, bruv," he nodded at Sam's instructions, then grinned. "Don't get too distracted by the view." Logan's hood remained up, continuing to conceal his face in shadow as he turned to the building next to them, the address lit by a single fluorescent light above the door. Okay, time to get serious.

There was always a rush he experienced when he was about to make a delivery, never knowing what the reaction might be. It was heightened because of Sam's presence, an indication that the possibility of danger was much higher than most jobs. Umi was somewhere inside his consciousness, feeding on the thrill.

As Logan's hand reached out to make contact with the door, intending to give it a few taps to both announce his presence and also use the sound to get a reading of what was happening on the other side, it suddenly opened and light poured out. His pupils, dilated for better vision in the dimly lit floor, reflected the light from the shadows in his hood. A man with an unlit cigarette in his mouth, a gun strapped to his side, suddenly stopped on his way out the door, surprised to find the glowing-eyed courier standing there. When Logan brandished the rabbit foot, the surprise turned to something more grim.

"Don't--" Logan started to say, but it was too late. The man, who Logan presumed was hired security, reached down to his gun.
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Sam tilted his head at the courier's comment about getting distracted by the view. His make-shift mask hit the more obvious look of 'huh?' on his face. You could almost see the tiny aircraft taking off over his hoodied head. The bloody rabbit brushed of his social ineptness with a shrug of his shoulders. There was work to do. He found a quiet, out of the way shadow where he could keep an eye on Logan should things go sour. A drop should go all sideways, but you never knew. And the white rabbit always knew. And Sam was told to accompany the runner. Shite. Bad stuff was going to happen, Sam just knew it.

The Voices also knew it. They had been relatively quiet since he found that jacked-up layabout early in the evening and drew a red line across his neck. Blood always muffled the Voices and their demands. But as Logan approached the building door, the cacophony in his head grew, from a hushed muttering to a roar in his ears. The noise almost made his eyes water. But he had to remain focused.

Light spilled out of the open doorway. A silhouette greeted Logan. A figure with a gun being drawn.

Sam didn't hesitate. He rarely did when driven by the madness screaming in his head. His knives were unsheathed, a comforting weight in each hand, but they went unseen, as did Sam, who was little more than a silent blur passing between Logan and the hired goon. When he was a few feet away again, Sam stopped and turned, just in time to see the man's gun.. and the hand holding it, fall to the ground. A spurting stump was left pointed at Logan in its place.
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Logan was prepared to move out of the way of the gun, but before he reacted, he felt the change in the air as Sam passed and knew something had changed. He didn't know what it was until he saw the hand and gun fall free of the arm and blood spurt out.

"Fuck," Logan muttered, stepping to the side to avoid getting the man's blood on himself.

The security guard was still distracted by Sam's appearance nearby, though, so when he looked back at his hand and just saw a bloody stump, he looked more confused than anything else. And then horrified, mouth moving, trying to find his voice. He was going to scream.

If he screamed, he would alert other people inside. Logan wasn't even thinking when he flashed forward, not quite as quick as Sam, but fast enough that his fist connected with the man's throat before he could turn away. Any sound he might've made was cut off, and instead replaced by a low gurgling that didn't carry far. Combined with the loss of blood, the man stumbled and then writhed on the ground for a few seconds before he dipped out of consciousness.

Logan turned to Sam, his expression masked by the shadows.
"If you'd told me you could move that fast, we coulda gotten here a lot fuckin' quicker."
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Sam was conflicted at his fellow bunny took care of the newly hand-deprived man. He was impressed. Logan was not just light footed, he was also quick thinking. Smart. The throat jab had not only disabled the assailant, but also silenced him. Sam was also however disappointed: the man hadn't been able to shout and drawn in more goons for his knives. And that made Sam sad.

He took it out on the downed man. Sam took his straight knife, the long, slender one. Without pause he stuck the gurgling man in the eye, metal sliding into his skull with a satisfying squish. He used the own man's suit collar to wipe the blood, and brain matter, off his steel. Still the blade shimmered faintly.

"S'ry may. By'th'by um fast." Sam apologized... ish. And he shrugged. Really, he didn't care, he was riding a high as the man at their feet died feeding his demon voices. It was probably that surge of demon food that amped his pheromones just a bit - unbeknownst to Sam - making sure that Logan was going to smell his favorite food even had they been strolling through a rubbish depot.

"Sho we go in?" he asked. He wasn't the courier after all, just the hired 'muscle'.
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Logan's lip curled a little at Sam's nonchalant response, but also because he was annoyed at the sudden attraction he was feeling again. Was there something about Sam brandishing his knives and dismembering people that turned the courier on? He smelled that familiar scent in the air, remembered the sensation of being on his knees with Sam's cock in his mouth.

Ugh, focus on the job, you git.

"Yeah, come on," he answered, turning to step over the body of the guard and inside.

The door lead into a long hallway that was lit by bright, disgusting florescent panels in the ceiling. There were almost no shadows as a result. Not his favorite environment to work in.

"Can you do something about the lights?" He asked in a low voice, pausing to study the new environment.
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Sam followed the lean rabbit runner. A step over the corpse, and they were both bathed in sterile florescent lighting, the kind that hummed incessantly. A puddle of blood was forming behind them, under the body of the fallen guard, just outside the door. Slowly the pool grew and stretched out past the threshold turning from a black puddle in the darker lighting of the street... to a rich crimson tide under the harsh glare the rabbits were now under.

Sam didn't look back to take in the macabre display, instead he focussed on Logan's request. After a few seconds of consideration, Sam grunted his affirmative (or maybe he spoke only his English mangled it all up).

With his stilleto held fast, the bloody rabbit flashed down the hallway with a hop, jump and a skip. The tip of his knife shattered the florescent tubes as he went. Of course to most Sam looked like a smudge, and before he knew it, the bunny was standing back behind Logan.

"Be'er?" he asked, watching with a slight amusement it his eye as he watched a bit of Logan's hair rustle slightly in the lingering wake of his run.
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