Private Bath Time!

Thank everything good in the world that Mr. Furface apparently adored bath time. If he didn’t, Jordan could only imagine what trying to wrangle a German Shepherd into getting clean would be like. As it was, all he had to do was fill the tub with nice, warm water and Mr. Furface happily leapt in.

Soaking Jordan in the process.

Jordan could handle getting drenched if it meant getting Mr. F squeaky clean. He had invested in dog shampoo and conditioner that he read was especially good for Sheps. He even made sure to get the right doggie treats to keep his teeth and gums nice and hygienic. They didn’t do much for his breath, but hey, it was something.

Once he made sure the water was the right temperature, Jordan didn’t even have to call the eagerly-awaiting guest of honor over. It was more like he had spent his time keeping the dog from jumping in before the tube was ready.

“Okay! Get in!” Jordan said excitedly as he let go of Mr. Furface’s collar. Well, the metal one. The leather one he used to clasp the leash on was already safely on the vanity.
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As soon as Mr. Furface heard the water running in the washroom his tail began to twitch. He had been sleeping on his bed - the one he generously shared with his two-legs - dreaming about running through open fields on a sunny day with Jordan, chasing butterflies and eating from a never-ending buffet of kibble. In his dream, they came upon a trickle stream that began to flow strong and stronger until his ears rang with the sound of running water.

Mr. Furface opened his eyes. His tail thumped excitedly on the bed. The big dog got up off the bed, stretched and made his way towards the open bathroom door. It wasn't a direct route, he was growing with excitement and so he spun in random circles until at last he peeked into the washroom.

Jordan was filling up the tub, and that could only mean one thing to the big dog: bathtime! Mr. F bounded into the small confines of the bathroom, headbutting Jordan in the rear as if that might speed thing along. Because one thing the German Shepherd loved was baths!

He was kept from the water with a firm grip on his collar... the cold piece of metal, last reminder of his slavery. But he didn't have to wait for long.

When Jordan finally told him to get in, he did just that, leaping into the water and making sure to get everything, including Jordan wet with a ginormous splash.
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Jordan was braced for the splash. At least, he thought he was. He still tensed and winced as the water hit him suddenly, but he didn’t make a deal out of it beyond laughing. He’d much rather have a dog who was enthusiastic about bath time than one that hated it, after all.

“Such a good boy, Mr. Furface,” Jordan said as he made sure all of the dog was nice and wet with warm water. He continued to talk to his pet while he went about lathering him up and massaging the shampoo into his coat. Telling him he was a good boy, saying how much he loved him, general shmoopy pet owner type things.

And then something odd happened.

Jordan had never liked the metal collar. He didn’t like that it was apparently agitating the skin beneath it, and he didn’t like that he couldn’t find any way to take it off. He also didn’t like that it was a reminder of Mr. Furface’s previous owner that only existed as a monster in Jordan’s mind.

What happened was this: a bit of shampoo bubbled up at just the right spot on the collar, with the light from above hitting it just so, and revealed a nearly invisible line on the metal. For a second, Jordan stared. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of this newfound blemish on the otherwise perfectly-shaped metal.

“Hold on, boy,” he told Mr. Furface gently. Jordan got up and grabbed the bar of soap from beside the sink and crouched back down with it. He held the band of metal in his hand and began scrubbing at it forcefully.

His curious effort was not in vain. For the soap became lodged in the almost invisible line, and revealed an intricate pattern that spanned across the entirety of the collar. Dumbfounded, Jordan looked at the pattern thoughtfully. Finally it struck him.

“Stay, boy. Just…stay here,” Jordan said as his soaked self got up and walked out of the bathroom. He went to his nightstand and opened the drawer, searching for a brief moment before pulling out a safety pin. Quickly he returned to the bathroom and got back down.

“Alright, Mr. Furface…let’s see if this works.”
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Mr. Furface loved bathtime. Some dogs couldn't stand water, but this doggo wasn't one of them. He particularly enjoyed it when Jordan lathered up his fur and really worked his fingers through his coat. That was heaven. The only thing that would have been better was if he could have ditches his metal collar. Mr. Furface could only imagine what it would feel like to be rid of the skin chaffing metal and for Jordan to massage his tender neck muscles. Sigh.

The Shep was so lost in puppy daydreams that he hardly noticed when Jordan had stopped washing him and inside started ... washing his collar? Silly two-legs. But Jordan appeared excited for reason. He dashed out of the bathroom, returning shortly thereafter with some super secret instrument.... a safety pin.

Mr. F cocked his head to one side and gave his two-legs his best huh? look.

The head of the pin traced along the grooves in the collars metal: once hidden, but now made clear because of the soap Jordan had rubbed against it. The doggo had no idea what the two-legs was up to, but Mr. Furface trusted him so he sat still and let him do whatever it was that he was doing.

At some seemingly random spot the pinhead caught and sunk into the metal with an audible click. The German Shepherd whimpered slightly. A tiny piece of the metal collar, a square roughly the size of a dime pushed inwards, just a little.
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Well, well. It appeared that Jordan’s wild hunch had led him to a most interesting conclusion.

Leaving the safety pin in place, he examined the piece of metal that had sunk inwards. He gave the square a little push with his pinky, and it gave way the slightest bit more, feeling like it could sink even further. Putting a bit more force behind his pinky he pushed the square until it was settled at the interior base of the collar.

And then it happened.

A few things inside the metal band clicked, and half of it fell off into the tub with a splash. Jordan’s eyes widened with shock and glee and he tossed the other half to the ground beside him. He quickly wrapped his arms around his dog and tousled his wet fur.

“We did it, Mr. Furface! You’re free!” he said excitedly as he pulled away, covered in suds and ready for the assault of licks that were certain to come.
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Mr. Furface had been forced to wear that ugly collar for seventy years. He had worn it for so long in fact he could hardly remember what it felt like not to have it's cold, heavy weight bearing down on him. So when the last vestiges of his enslavement fell away, the big dog was left well... stunned.

Jordan hugged him, which he loved. His tail began thumping of its own accord, thrashing in the water, kicking up soapy suds. He felt free.... really free. Like he could run off and go where ever he wanted to! But he didn't want to go anywhere. He wanted to stay with his two-legs, afterall, Jordan needed him. But it was his choice.

The large Shep felt something else though. It was as if he had suddenly grown stronger. Weird. What Mr. Furface didn't know, was that the collar had been suppressing his dominions, abilities he had forgotten he ever had. Those powers where slowly flexing their muscle beneath his skin, spreading out after so many years of being contained. His pheromones where the first to do anything more than stretch however. Unbeknownst to demon and his human, the seductive aura was already filling Jordan's very small apartment.

Mr.Furface's trace was broken suddenly. He jumped up and predictably gave his two-legs the MOSTEST KISSES EVER.... getting water and soap bubbles EVERYWHERE in the process.
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Laughing as Mr. Furface jumped and splashed and licked his face, Jordan was happy that his dog was finally free from the bonds of that horrid metal collar. He was also feeling…weird. Like, it was a pleasant sensation, but it wasn’t anything he had really before…and definitely not for the individual he was feeling it for.

A touch of nervousness overcame him, but he kept up the smile and managed to wrangle Mr. F back into the tub. “Alright boy! Let’s finish getting you cleaned up!” With that, Jordan did his best to ignore the bizarre, unnatural feeling as he set about washing the huge canine.
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