Private Trading Paper
"How much did that cost?"

Tabris could see Eric smirking at him out of the corner of his eye, and he never quite understood the other man's sense of humor about these things. Since they'd known each other, Tabris had been the sort of person who would drop utterly obscene amounts of City-Dollars on the seemingly most random things.

A five-hundred thousand dollar warehouse--that he opened up to anyone and anything who happened to need someplace to be, along with whatever they might need to get back on their feet--was one of those things. The big-bad destroyer of Integris had been helping get people back on their feet for years now, and all it took was asking around enough for someone to eventually point the needy in this direction. Mostly, they found Eric, because Tabris was just a bit scary to them anymore. Infamous and legendary enough to be unreal and untouchable.

But it was fine.

Tabris had more than enough to go around.

Tabris didn't look away from the oil painting he'd hung on the wall of his room in the warehouse. His 'room', that was actually a makeshift shack on the roof of the thing. A one room shack with a mound of pillows, a skylight. Organized chaos of his collection of things he'd gathered over years and years...he couldn't help it. Hardwired into his species was the utter need to collect things, and people, and whatever he could get his clawed fingers around because he had to.

He had to.

"Sixteen-thousand, eight hundred city-dollars," Stepping closer to it, he could see the imperfections of the paint. Oil on canvas. Flemish. Just a...pastoral theme, really. Nothing he hadn't seen a thousand-and-one-times before in a million-and-one galleries everywhere and nowhere. "Money is paper you trade for the things that you want. I have plenty of paper, and plenty of things to sell to get the paper that everyone else seems so obsessed with, so....there it is."

Eric just shook his head, smirking. "You're so weird, Tabris."

"I just don't understand paper being worth as much as...this. It wasn't like this before." Before the humans came here. Paper-money and buildings and so much emphasis put on 'sin' and 'evil' when in reality the underlying drive behind all of it was 'shame'. Tabris had no use for shame.

Regret? Perhaps.

But not shame.

Eric shrugged, squeezing Tabris' shoulder. "I'm going to run some errands and make sure our people have what they need. Don't stare at that thing too long...and try to be social while I'm gone."

Tabris raised an eyebrow at the human.


Eric let him go, and it wasn't long after the heavy-footfalls on those metal steps dissipated when Tabris pulled himself away from his new possession and headed out onto the main roof and under the sky. He knew Eric was looking for a penthouse that would meet Tabris needs, but it was taking longer than they thought it would. He'd have to make do with what he had here.

And a lounge-chair in the sun would work to warm him up. Being inside for so long today had him shivering from the inside out.

Even in this form he had to thermoregulate.
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Hyeok had heard of a place that was welcoming to all. He simply had to check it out for himself. He had to know that this was actually a safe place before he sent the child this way. He knew first hand that even though demons could survive on their own just after their creation they could still use guidance. And a place to stay. It was a place to stay that was needed the most. Hyeok already had the job prepared as he had the boy working in the print shop. Now he only needed a place for him to stay until Hyeok could come across more appropriate accommodations.

The demon approached the warehouse and knocked upon the door, despite it being open already. It was improper to just walk right into someone else's space. I am looking for who runs this establishment. The words were signed out once he could catch someone's eyes. Whether or not they had caught the request he couldn't say for certain as they had wandered away from him without a word.

He was left to wait standing outside and staring into the building at the bustle of activity. Everyone seemed to be busy doing something and the sight made Hyeok smile. He enjoyed productivity. That alone left a good impression upon him.
2 | 2018-11-07, 11:04 AM

Tabris frowned, not moving at first. Eric would handle it. Eric would grab whoever it was who'd come up here onto the roof and tell them to never do it again. Eric would....

...Eric wasn't here. That was right. Tabris' brain came online slowly, and he lazily sat up, putting his feet on the warm ground and taking in the intruder.

Young, male, human. Truly human. Clothes new enough that Tabris could still smell the factory on them, and shoes that were new enough that there weren't scuffs on the rubber. Someone who the others had sent up thinking Tabris would...what?

At least he was here and not out there. He was safe.


"There's...there's a person. Looking for who's in charge and Eric left and...."

"Take me there."

Those big blue eyes blinked at him, and then he nodded, all but tripping over his feet to head down the metal stairs. Tabris was more graceful and light on his feet, stepping soundlessly down those same stairs behind him.

"There, sir."

"Alright." Tabris looked him over. Young. Too young and too human to be on his own here in Infernal City. "Find Eric when he comes back. Tell him to come see me."

The teenager nodded, running off to whatever he'd been doing before. Tabris stepped around the various projects going on, finding his way to the person who'd been pointed out to him.

"My assistant isn't here, so you'll have to muddle through with me." Tabris didn't offer a hand to shake the way a human might. His head tilted to one side, and he studied the other demon without a modicum of subtlety.

"I am Tabris," There was no reason for him to hide it. He'd done the bad thing, but that had been years ago. People still hadn't forgotten it, or forgiven him for it, but that was their problem to be quite honest.

He couldn't be bothered to worry about his reputation. There were too many things to fix.

"What can be done for you?"
3 | 2018-12-01, 05:38 PM
Hyeok waited and began to wonder if his message had even bothered to be passed along or not. Perhaps his message had not even been seen for the City to translate it. He had been about to try again with someone else when he was finally approached.

The fox demon stared at the man's lips when he began to speak. It is not for me but for someone I know. The words were signed out. Am I conversing with the owner? He wasn't certain if he had just been passed off to someone else or not.

I have heard that this place accepts all sorts. The statement was made with the unspoken intention of having it either confirmed or denied.
1 | 2018-12-03, 10:09 PM
The lip reading, and then sign language, and Tabris tilted his head to the side again. He'd seen such things, and Infernal City allowed for everyone to understand everyone.


He raised an eyebrow, and then nodded. "I am. My assistant usually handles visitors, but he is seeing to an errand. And yes: Everyone is welcome here. It is my way."

Others of his kind were only agents of destruction, and while Tabris was definitely that, he could be something else as well.

So his late-wife taught him.
1 | 2018-12-28, 09:16 AM
The movements weren't lost on Hyeok. They usually seemed to be followed by looks of boredom and then inattentiveness. While The City allowed for him to be understood it didn't force the other party to actually pay attention to him. I can communicate telepathically as well. Most see it as an intrusion to do so though. It was the only other solution that he had given the predicament. Only other telepaths didn't seem to mind that sort of communication, or so was the way that it seemed.

I have a... Hyeok had to pause as he wasn't certain of the word that he was looking for. He didn't know how to explain the relationship that he had with the human. He's human and works in my shop. He has no place to go. I need time to find him somewhere. So he wasn't looking for a permanent place, just somewhere for the human to stay safe while Hyeok figured things out.
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Tabris was a flighty monster. It was in his nature. The only thing so far that had kept him 'grounded' somewhat was the work that actually needed to be done. That there were people and demons who needed a hand up.

So here he was.

That said, his eyes didn't glaze over the way a lot of people's might have. There was genuine interest in what Hyeok had to say--the mode of communication didn't much matter--and Tabris nodded in response.

"I can understand," He answered. "Whatever means of communication is easier for you. I've nothing in my mind I am ashamed of anyone seeing if that makes a difference."

And then the human was mentioned, and Tabris was even more interested. "You heard correctly. I give those who need it a hand up. If this human of your's requires a safe place to sleep, I am more than willing to provide it. All I ask is that he not endanger the others who reside here."
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I don't pry. It isn't proper. He was quick to sign out the words when the other said he had nothing to be ashamed of. Hyeok had always closed himself off from thoughts that were directed at him. And he only lingered long enough to leave a message, though he would leave an open line into his mind should a telepathic conversation be happening. He had never viewed any thoughts that weren't meant just for him.

"It would be easier on you if I speak like this. Then you can do whatever you need to do." The words were delivered telepathically. It would free the other up from having to stand around and stare at him in order to have a conversation. Of course that didn't prevent Hyeok from having to continue to stare in order to be able to communicate. He still had to read the other demon's lips after all.

"He is... alone..." Again the fox demon was struggling to find the proper words for what he wanted to convey. "He has no demon. He has no one. Nothing." Hyeok had found it odd for the human to have no attachment whatsoever. It wasn't something that was all that common. And well, he was decent enough for being a human. He had yet to cause Hyeok any problems.
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"As I said: Whatever is easier for you," Of course, Tabris would continue to speak out loud. It might seem odd to some, but here amongst his hoard of humans and demons working to make a 'better place' for each other, it wouldn't be the strangest thing they'd seen him do.

Assuming they weren't too busy trying to not be noticed by him.

"Human...alone?" It wasn't unheard of, but it was by no means normal. Most humans he knew were either born as a host for one of his kind, or they made a deal with one of them later in life. Tabris himself had never offered such a thing to anyone--including his own late-wife--if only because he valued his individuality a great deal,and she had no desire to meld with a demon anyway.

"It is...not the norm, but it isn't unheard of. My late-wife was such." Tabris answered. "He will be safe here. I will see to it."
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