Demon Reproduction

DEMON REPRODUCTIONHow demon spawn are created

When two or more demons, whether bonded or solo, and of any gender, decide to create new life a verbal contract is enacted. A share of energy source from each individual is taken from each party, and new life is formed. The demon-kin will take it's time, an energy ball that studies the actions of it's guardians. This can take anywhere from an hour, to multiple days, until finally their form is chosen. They choose their first human form, and later in life are able to manipulate it to be more mature in appearance if they see fit. This can only be done once, and it can not be redacted. Demon forms grow naturally with age. Demons are born with all the knowledge of the general world, the ability to speak.

How are demon offspring created?

A life force is provided by each guardian, allowing the offspring to take pieces of each individual to create one soul entity. Because of the shared life force, the offspring use the sequence to create who they are. They are able to see things about the guardians, even the beings themselves do not know. Like any birth, the process is not remembered by the spawn. Normally the life force, shown as little light balls of different colors, will watch and follow their parents for anywhere from a few hours, to a few days. Sometimes longer. The parents will be drained of energy, and will be weak and vulnerable until their offspring are fully formed. It then takes a few days to recover.

What is their knowledge at birth?

All collectively, unemotional knowledge of the outside world is already known at the time the child is born. While they do have an innocence to their understanding, unlike human children, if a demon spawn is left immediately after birth, they will have the knowledge to survive.

How is their demon form chosen?

The demon form of the children is based on their lineage. This means that whichever form their parents take, must be put into the childrens demon form. So a Snake demon can not have a Bear demon form or two non corporeal demons cannot have a corporeal demon form. We must see some version of one, either, or both of the parents within the offspring. If you do not KNOW your parents demon form, you must go off of the parent you do know, or if you do not know either, you must then come to the conclusion of what your parents demon forms are.

How is their human form chosen?

Can be whichever the human decides. The form is first made at birth same as their demon form, and is normally that of a younger age, it can then be chosen later in life to change the form to match age but only that final time. If your demon spawn does not wish to change their human form, they do not have too. Human form does not need to resemble their parents.

How are Dominions chosen?

Dominions are chosen how ever you wish. There are no limitations except to ensure you are using what ticket you wish the offspring to have same as any new character: bronze, silver, or gold

What do they eat?

This is not determined by anything but the demon spawn. It must be cited in the application of their profile.

Do demons have to look after their children?

No. You can have a family setting, or abandon the children to fend for themselves. It is up to your characters IC play.

Do I have to write them or can others write them?

You can adopt out the spawn's writers to other players, but before they will be accepted all must have their applications completed and submitted. All children must be accepted at the same time as they are born at the same time if they are being born within InCi and not from a history of the character.

Are only two demons allowed to have a child?

No. A minimum of two is required, but many parties are able to join their life force together, much unlike humans.

Can Civil or Primal bonded be allowed to birth?

Yes. But not with humans, only with other demons. If you can write it out where it does make sense that the Primal demon understands the contract. It is rare, and normally Solo-Demons are the ones who further their family.

How many demon spawn are allowed?

There is no limitation, just ensure you are aware that all offspring must be applied at the same time if they are within the same birth.

How do I apply for Demon Spawns to be approved and birthed?

You do not have to wait for acceptance to request a birthing, simply write it out. When you apply, ensure you contact staff in #Character-Creation in discord that you have submitted your spawns. Link their profiles, and link the thread where the birthing contract was created.
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