The OOC rules that govern play on Infernal City

Welcome to Infernal City!

Our number one goal on this site, as staff, is to ensure everyone has fun and that the site is developed into a community where everyone feels welcome. While we will ask for opinions, and bring up discussions from time to time, Do not be fooled. This is not a democracy.

Staff has put a lot of money, time, and focus into creating a site for you to enjoy, and we will ensure it remains as such. Staff does, and will always, have final say in decisions. We understand the dynamic of the site, where it needs to go, how to create growth and what can diminish it. When conflicts arise, and for any decision making, it is a consultation between Staff and what is determined to be put into action by them, is definite. Staff word is Law.

If one administrator informs you of something, be aware that all other administrators are fully aware of that decision and will back them. No one administrator has more say than another. We are a team that are here to ensure the safe-keeping of a haven of fantasia for all.

1 | Registration

Infernal City is an 18+ forum — you MUST be 18 or older to play on it. You only register an OOC account; this will be your master account that all your characters are linked. Character accounts are created through the Character Creator. When you create a character account, please make sure to have your character's name in proper capitalization, e.g. John Doe. If you make a mistake, don't be afraid to ask a staff member to change it for you.

2 | Inclusion

We are a site that is very friendly to minority peoples, religions, genders, sexualities, neurodivergences, and in all our OOC interactions we strive to keep things that way. If an issue in representation, or any kind of negative interaction with staff or another player, should come up, and you feel you are unable to communicate with the individual, please contact a Staff member and they will look into it. Also, a note: please do not use white European or white European diaspora face claims for characters of color.

3 | RP Etiquette

Please don't god mod, power play, or introduce something into a thread without discussing with the other writer if it's okay. Your character may be in charge of theirs on the site, but you, the writer, have no control over that other writer. Communicate with them, it's the only way to make things fun for everyone.

4 | Multiple Characters

You may create as many characters as you want. We do not have a limit on how many characters you may have. However, to submit a new character for review you must be able to pay the required fee in OOC points (see the OOC Points Rewards Shop)!

5 | Face Claims

All human characters and solo demons can have either a real life, celebrity face claim, a human art face claim, or no face claim. If using a celebrity's face, the celebrity's required to be 18+. Political figures and politicians cannot be used as a celebrity face claim. Demons — solo, civil or primal — can have any face claim under the sun, including drawn and fantastical. If you're using a piece of art that's not a professional's work—so not directly taken from a popular manga or comic page or screencapped from an anime or cartoon—please credit that artist in the face claim box on your character's profile. If you have an official artwork of some kind as your character's face, you don't have to credit. If you're using a small-time fanartist or original artist's work, please credit them!

Demons attached to humans cannot be listed among the official face claims. Only humans and solo demons using a celebrity face claim can reserve faces/be listed on the face claim page. Avatar size is 250 x 250px, profile portrait size is 250 x 400.

6 | Activity

Activity checks will be done on a monthly basis without notice. Activity Checks will be done automatically, from the 1st of every month until the End Of Day of the last month and it will be up to you to keep track. To save a character, the character must have one IC post within the month. To save a leader, as per rules, the character must have 6 posts within the month. OOC accounts must have atleast 1 character created, accepted, and first post made. Archiving of characters will take place within seven days of the end of the activity check, leaders will lose their position upon archiving even if unarchived. For exceptions to the activity check, please message Staff with a request or post in our absence board with an expiry date if you are completely gone. To un-archive a character, pleas contact Staff, however, you are limited to un-archiving one character per month.

7 | Explicit Content

Explicit content is allowed on InCi but any thread containing explicit content must be tagged as [18+] or [TW]. Please remember to use the thread tag system when posting, and remember to use the most important, e.g. if your post is open but mature, use the [18+] tag; if your post is mature but has trigger warnings, use the [TW] tag.

No content depicting minors (<18 years old) in sexually explicit or abusive activity is permitted on InCi. References to these types of situations is permitted in a character's background provided that explicit depictions are not represented.

9 | Leaders

No one may play more than two characters who are leaders. Additionally, a leader character has special activity requirements: 6 IC posts instead of 1. If you fail to make those six posts, your leader is demoted. Try to only make a leader character if you like plotting with many different people, because these positions are the closest to site canons we have!

10 | Conflict Resolution

How do we resolve conflict between two roleplayers?
The tried and true method of conflict is communication. Ensure that you have created a means of communication on how battles, conflicts between In-character writing will be resolved, and agree on it. Whether that be through dice-rolls, or something else, should be completely up to you. If a specific method can not be agreed upon, you can choose to at this time have a Staff member come up with a resolution. Members should always try to communicate with one another before involving staff, and it will be asked of you to do so before a Staff member will agree to intervene.

If a Staff member has intervened, by request of any member, they will come to a conclusion on resolution however they see fit. You may not like it, but generally Staff will resolve a conflict in a manner that best advances the development of characters and / or the plot. Once Staff has come to a conclusion, their stance is unwavering and unable to be reversed.

I don't like the mechanics of the site
Staff have worked hard to create a system that attempts to balance different play styles and activity levels for everyone who decides to join. That being said, while we do appreciate feedback and will gladly take suggestions into consideration, if you find the mechanics here at Infernal City do not meet your needs, then we do thank you for giving us a try and hope you find what you are looking for. Staff will not necessarily change the structure of the site, or take time to explain why something will not be changing because you request it. We have already put hours, weeks, months, into creating what we have, and those who join are expected to accept the system as a condition of joining.

If you receive a message from a Staff member, do not be arrogant, do not argue, and definitely, do NOT ignore the message. Of course, you can explain any misunderstandings to them.

We are all adults here. Staff are not here to cater to your every want and need, they are not here to babysit you and resolve simplified conflict, and they are definitely not here to parent you and ground you. We are here to run a site. And you are here to have fun and enjoy what we've made for you. Be an adult.

Staff will only ask for a change in attitude one time, and only the one time. If it continues you will be removed from the server with a brief explanation sent to you, and posted in General Chat. Depending on severity, this may lead to complete and permanent removal. Any individuals banned, will be done so at the discretion of Staff and ALWAYS for the benefit of the community built

A Reminder: Staff are people too. So while it may take a while sometimes, we will get you an answer! If you find you would like some one on one time with a Staff Member, please do DM them requesting a meeting on discord and they will arrange it with you :)

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