New to Infernal City? Start here!
So I see you are looking at learning all about InfernalCity? There is tons of information on this site, but here is a great place to start! It gives you the step by step process of what exactly is going on here! We have surprise raffles, quests, site wite events & plots, Site Run NPCs, Gore, 3-3-3 Rating, no word limit, and a welcoming atmosphere!

To start, Humans and Demons have always lived in a chaotic harmony with one another. A parasitic relationship. Some demons attach themselves to humans at their birth. There are two type of attachable demons, civil which is those with cognitive thought process and the ability to speak in language, or Primal, which is more beast like in nature. Beyond these two, there are Solo Demons which are their own entities and Solo Humans, a rare phenomenon where demons have decided to not attach to that specific human.


There was once a fairytale known, where a world existed without the shadows being a threat. Where humans lived, and raised their family and had no fear that those lurking around every corner had the capability of consuming them whole. A fantasy, really, where the darkness that consumed every waking moment from the start of birth, did not exist. Human lives were so different. There was only one being able to think, to speak, to build, to house. There was peace and love and the very essence of evil was whether or not someone parked illegally. Of course, such a place could only ever exist in fantasia. The truth is much more daunting. The shadows will attack you, that darkness will attach to you, and for most, will forever remain consuming anything it can for you. The world is not a fantasy. The world. The City and Earth alike, is a nightmare.

First Step

Every member must join the discord server, which you then have access to a registration code. You use this Registration code is used so you can create your OOC account.
To Join Server: Infernal City

Create OOC

Have you looked over the basics of the site? Make sure you check out Demonology. Once you have done this, you can Sign Up with an OOC Account. This is best to be labelled as the name you wish to go by when speaking in members, it is normally the same as your Discord Username.


Civil Bonded: A human that has a demon of paramount intellect attached to it. Has dominions, ascensions, and legacy possibilities.

Primal Bonded: A human that has a demon of primal, or beast like tendencies attached to it. Has dominions, ascensions, and legacy possibilities.

Solo Demon: A demon that has decided to not attach to a human. Has dominions and legacies as possibilities.

Solo Human: A human seen as cursed for not having a demon attached to them. Has only ascension and legacies as possibilities.


Please choose your starting dominions. When you first join you are able to have up to 6 dominions. Please view the dominions carefully. You are only able to choose Power or Control.


You will want to cover the basis of your character for approval. The process is pretty easy, just make sure you cover their name, faction, profession, human age if human, demon age (Attached or solo),
1. Username of IC must be First Lastname
2. Faction: Kairos, White Rabbit, The Hoods, Legion, Unaffiliated and Subfaction
3. Starting Species
4. Humans Age
5. Demons age
6. Profession
7. If White Rabbit, insert second profession. Any other factions ignore.
8. Demon Kind.
9. Explain what the demon eats. (see demonology)
10. Updated Avatar (250x250)
11. Updated Portfolio (250x400)
12. Submit for approval

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