Floor 7433: Integris
The sentient jungle.
Once, a beautiful standing vista of potential. Now, a concrete jungle overgrown with nature.

In it's glory days, Integris was one of a kind. A massive landscape of trees and perfectly manicured lawns, surrounded by tall skyscrapers. The rustic feel only added to the aesthetic of the floor. That, mixed with the City's largest night market, made this floor feel like home for anyone. But, all that was destroyed when a solo-demon demolished it's entirety. All that remains is a hint of what once was. Concrete buildings that had once been magnificent master pieces, constantly crumble. All the nature has overgrown, and some buildings within this floor are completely encompassed by plant life. Some say it seems to be reaching out, shifting too quickly for regular plant life. Rumors, perhaps. The night life has disappeared, and life within the decomposing floor seems at only a small hum in the air.

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