The history of the Infernal City

Infernal CityA History

Three beings: Solo-Demon, Civil-Bonded, and Primal-Bonded. Worked into every day life, and knowing nothing different. That was until, of course, in 1773, when pockets of humans began to emerge. There was something unusual about these humans, and instead of celebrated, they were immediately cast as vermin. As fodder. You see, these humans held no bonded demons. They were just like that fantasy, except. Of course. They were considered the lowest of the low. With no dominions, with no attachment, they were cursed to be hunted by the solo-demons as a delicacy. After all, how delicious it would be to taste the essence of a being that had never been touched by another demon. Questions arose, but there was never truly many answers except for vague confirmations. Why were these humans not chosen at birth? What was incorrect with them that they were not allotted the gift of such beautiful dominions and a partner for life? Perhaps it was because a majority of them were found in small remote villages, untouched by the every day life.

While the stigma of a Solo-Human has not ceased, and while they may never be rid of their vermin status within all the communities, they have integrated themselves within the technological future of The City and Earth. The Solo-Humans are rare, and while most may try to hide their status from those around them, it is very difficult when demons immediately recognize the vacancy of a demon. Never will a Solo-Human receive a child with an bonded demon, never will a Solo-Human know the intricacies of dominions. They only have their wits, their individualism, and of course, the power of legacies and ascensions behind them. Forever the lower class. Forever fodder for the demons. All four groups of individuals live together throughout the entirety of the world, trying to find their place within a city that seems favorable to ripping everything apart.

Sekah & OniiA Thank You

Once upon a time, there was a lovely little site filled with bloodshed, massacres, disturbance and sex. It was a wonderful place that none could deny was magical. Not too long ago we had been apart of this community, a highly active site. This site was the beginning, and from where Infernal City has emerged. Demon Realm was an active, all inclusive site that welcomed everyone. A lot of the basis of Infernal City was taken from that site with the departure of a few administrators. The original creator, Sekah, is a kind, and caring individual who loved the roleplay world she had created. While she is not apart of Infernal City, it could not have been possible without her ingenious imagination and creative writing background.

And while Sekah is not apart of Infernal City, she has blessed us with permission to take her idea that she created and run with it. While many things are changed, the foundation of Demon realm and it's mechanics remains. Another individual who helped create the mechanics, and also helped with Infernal City in the back ground, was Onii. A scientist mind that helped keep Demon Realm running smoothly, and created a lot of the quest mechanisms and faction lore we use today in Infernal City. While some of the lore on factions has been changed, input was put in to help make Infernal City better, and hopefully bigger, while staying close to the foundation that made Demon Realm great.

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