Everything you wanted to know about demons but were afraid to ask!

The Basics

From the very beginning, humans and demons have always had a parasitic relationship. There are those that are chosen by demons out of love, those that are chosen out of hatred, those that are chosen out of necessity, but until recently, all humans had a demon attached to their essence. Whether it be a comrade, or a curse, is truly up for gamble. While some may despise their demon, and some may love them, one thing has and will always be true: They are a necessity.

The demon has chosen that human to be their feast for the entirety of the humans lifespan. If the demon dies, the human dies. Luckily, if the human dies, the demon is simply re-spawned whether bonded to another, or formed into it's own entity. Humans benefit from having a demon bonded to them as they gain access to their dominions, while demons forever have sustenance to survive. And then, of course, there are those that prefer individuality. To remain unlocked from the confines of a mortals life. To roam free. The Solo demons are those that refuse to attach to one single being, instead wishing to hunt for their energy source. These, normally, feel disdain for bonded demons and think of them as weak willed. To adapt to human way of life, rather then live how they truly should: Humans in fear.

CIVIL BONDED: There are Humans who have attached to them civil demons, those that are equal in intelligence if not greater, and the ability to communicate. Corporeal or Noncorporeal

PRIMAL BONDED: There are the humans with Primal demons attached, an animalistic creature void of any communication but the misshapen snarls of a beast. These two forms are bound by a contract of life.

SOLO DEMONS:The demons that long for independence. To remain unlocked from the confines of a mortals life. To roam free. The Solo demons are those that refuse to attach to one single being, instead wishing to hunt for their energy source.

SOLO HUMANS:Are not chosen by demons to be paired with, this is very rare, and it is unknown why they are not chosen to have an attachment. Whether it is their soul, or they are cursed. They have no dominions, only Ascensions and Legacy options.

Demon FAQ

How old are demons? Demons can not die by age. Demon age has no baring on their strength. A demon is considered a newborn from the age of 0 - 500, from the age of 500 - 1500 an adolescent, 1500 - 4000 they are mature, and beyond 4000 they are elders.

How do demons feed?
A demon, no matter a Solo-Demon or a Bonded, will feast on one thing. This thing can be anything you can think of, and is specific to your demon: Emotions, Energy, Blood, Substances, Paper, Metal

What gender are demons?
Demons do not inherently have a gender, but much like their human form they can choose to manifest in whichever way they feel best suits themselves.

What do demons look like?
Solo-Demons can be any form that can be imagined, Corporeal, non-corporeal, a house, a wolf, a beast. Anything. Solo-Demons are able to have a human form as well, and this is a form that they have chosen and created themselves.

Can a Solo-Demon shapeshift?
Without the Dominion Shapeshift, they can not change forms except between the two they have created. There are three options: Human, Partial transformation, and Demon form.

What gender are demons?
Demons are not inherently any specific gender, but like their human form they can choose to manifest however they feel is appropriate to themselves.

How are demons born?
When two or more demons, whether bonded or solo, decide to create new life a verbal contract is enacted. A share of energy source from each individual is taken from each party, and new life is formed. The demon-kin will take it's time, an energy ball that studies the actions of it's guardians. This can take anywhere from an hour, to multiple days, until finally their form is chosen. They choose their first form, and later in life are able to manipulate it to be more mature in appearance if they see fit. This can only be done once, and it can not be redacted. Demons are born with all the knowledge of the general world, the ability to speak. MORE DETAILED INFROMATION HERE

I heard there was something that prevented dominion use called Anti-Dominion Artifacts?
Anti-Dominion artifacts (bracelets, collars, rings, etc) can be used on your own character to prevent them from using a specific, or all dominions. This is not available to be used on other characters unless prior consent is given. There is no way to prevent dominions from affecting your character, except by use of dominions to counteract it or coming up with a solution. The only structure in all of Infernal City that prevents dominion use in it's entirety is Panopticon. All Faction Headquarter Compounds have Warding preventing transportation via dominion us (enter or exit).

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