Yang Seung Il
Tier III Kairos (Raptus) Solo Demon

Character Summary

Seung Il pretends to be human rather than the demon that he is. He is fiercely protective of his best friend and would punish anyone who even dreamed of hurting Geun Ho. It was also his best friend that led him down the path that he is on, but that doesn't mean that he isn't a willing participant in the crimes. He would do anything for Geun Ho. The full 18 years of his life has revolved around his best friend and led him to be the right hand of Raptus.


Additional Character Information

Seung Il wasn't born as Seung Il but it was a name that he had adopted in order to fit in among humans. Even though he had demon parents he didn't have the greatest home life. The marriage had been an arranged one meant to cement ties between families. That was the only reason the charade continued. Still his father threatened to leave all of the time, and was more interested in his human mistress, while his mother was mentally checked out and found solace in the bottom of bottles.

And being a young and impressionable demon he ended up imprinting on a human. The human's parents seemed to adore him while the demon's own could care less what happened to him. Seung Il took the form of a human child and grew up with the human as his best friend. He did what he could to fit in with the human family and tried to make them believe that he was human too.

And it had worked for awhile. But his human friend ended up figuring out as they got older. But Seung Il's secret was kept. And since his secret was kept Seung Il stuck close to Geun Ho. He did what he could to protect his best friend and to keep him out of trouble, even though trouble seemed to just follow Geun Ho around.

Seung Il even went to Panopticon in order to save Geun Ho. It was also easier to believe that he was the one who was dealing and had dragged Geun Ho unknowingly along with him given his look. But Seung Il would have it no other way. He would do it again if he had to.

Seung Il is a kirin. He has the body of a deer with the hooves of a horse.

OOC Information

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