Sam Thorne
Tier III White Rabbit (Bloody Rabbits) Primal Bonded

Character Summary

AGE 24
EYES Ice Blue
HAIR Dirty Blonde
SKIN Pale as feck
BUILD Skinny



Additional Character Information

Sam was just another gutter rat scraping out an existence in south London. His mum was a slag. His father? Just another nameless face, nothing more than heavy breath and a creaking bed. A ton 'ill get you right stuffed luv.

He fell in with the wrong sort early. Not a surprise. Muling and filching provided for himself while his mum trode the kerb. He hated what she did and tried to get her to stop, and got sent to the A&E for his troubles care of the pimps. His mum died when he was thirteen.

The voices began soon after his mum left the world, strange whispers that filled his head with static. At first they spoke just beyond the periphery of his hearing, but soon they grew louder, demanding to be heard. Unfortunately Sam could not understand them. Still they would not stop. The voices drove him to fits of violence and rage and still they would not stop. Not until he killed someone.

It would be six years, and many deaths before Sam could understand what the voices were saying. They spoke the language of the gods - Sanskrit - and what they demanded most often was death. Sam held off for as long as he could, but always he gave in, eventually.

How Sam came to The City is a bit of a head scratcher. He was running for his life - literally.

His knives had bitten past the wrong ribs, and soon every buddy boy was looking for a piece. They nearly caught him to, but one moment he was climbing out the window of a flop house, and the next he was tumbling into a Mersa rubbish bin.

As disorienting, and confusing, as his landing in The City had been, it didn't take long for Sam to find himself a warren. Violence is not the prefer solution within the White Rabbit organization, but there are times when a sharp knife and a bloody nose are the only option. That is when the Bloody Rabbits are called.

On paper, Sam works as a janitor for CityTel.

Additional Demon Information

They are old, perhaps older than time itself. The demon who lives within Sam was born before names. Sam calls them the voices, which is the only way he has known them. They do not manifest visually, instead they make themselves known by way of voices: whispers, shouts, screams and hushed talk.

Sometimes they speak to Sam alone, and at other times make themselves known to those around him. They speak in the tongue of gods - Sanskrit - which Sam has come to understand, though their comprehension is without limit.

The voices feed off the last breaths of the dying. The greatest sustenance coming from a taken life. They do not feed as often as the very young, a lucky thing for Sam, but when they need, their demands are extreme.

OOC Information

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