Tier I Unaffiliated Solo Demon

Character Summary

Name: Abaddon (A.K.A. Apollyon), typically goes by Abaddon (pronounced Ab-buh-dawn)

Name Meaning: Abaddon is Hebrew for the Angel of Death & Angel of the Abyss. Apollyon is Greek for the Destroyer.

Gender Identity: Abrogender (gender changes rapidly/constantly, not limited in identities), most used: male, neither gender.

Sexuality: Abrosexual (sexuality changes rapidly/constantly, also not limited)

Physical body stays the same, does not change. Gender identity & Sexuality are only mental changes

Pronouns: male, female, they... It doesn't matter as long as you're being polite.

Faction: Unaffiliated

Starting Species: Solo Demon

Demons age: 513, looks like a 15 year old because of his facial structure and he's short

Profession: none

Demon Kind: Solo Demon, Shadow Demon

Feeds on: Emotions, states of mind (levels of sanity, prefers low sanity levels), occasionally blood.


Additional Character Information

Abaddon typically doesn't side with others, human or demon. He moves to the beat of his own drum. Need help in a war? Forget it. Guy ticks you off & you need back up for a fight? Grow a pair & kick their rears by yourself.

He's introverted & doesn't like socializing. Hates depending on others, has a tendency to be bluntly honest. Don't expect anything to be sugar coated, he doesn't care if he hurts your feelings or ticks you off.

Don't be trying to betray him or start a fight with him. If you're throwing punches first & you tick him off, you better be able to incapacitate him, or you may be leaving the scene in an ambulance or a body bag.

Abaddon's respect is earned, not automatically given away freely. "Respect is like a paycheck; if you don't earn it, you don't deserve it."

Be nice/respectful to him and he'll be nice/respectful to you. He doesn't let others walk over him, it doesn't matter what rank you are, you could be the Demon King & Abaddon still wouldn't bow down to you, until you prove to Abaddon you are worthy of his respect.

OOC Information

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