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Servator Legion Garrison
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Raptus Family Hideout (shhh)
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The Olde Free Press Building (Lavare)
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2018-11-06, 08:37 PM
CityTel Tower (White Rabbit)
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2018-12-28, 02:29 PM
Sam Thorne
Servator Annual Event
The entirety of Servator is covered in festivities. The only thing blocked off seems to be CityTEL Towers. It is a business after all. And while there are performers, street parties, and a constant go-go-go of information, fun, and drinking, it seemed everytime garbage gets left on the ground it vanishes. Always clean, Servator is. Oh. Yes. Can't forget the special booth of Keylime Pie. All the keylime pie you can get!
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2018-09-14, 10:38 PM

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